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  • Creative Reuse Center Network by The Remake Project

    The beginning: Creative Reuse Centers started back in the 80s. The concept gained more popularity in the 2000s and now in most major cities. The Challenge The Opportunity We are creating a network of Creative Reuse Center entrepreneurs dedicated to transforming discarded materials into sustainable businesses while fostering the next generation of artists and educators. This is in progress! Check back later for more updates.

  • What is the Remake Project?

    The Remake Project is a design collaborative focused on rethinking the world around us. We focus on projects that work toward the sustainable development goals. In the past few years we have really centered 11 and 12, but we excited and open to work on any of the goals. Let’s collaborate!

  • Reuse Network by The Remake Project

    Holistic model for activating a reuse platform. The Remake Project partnered with Iset Celik and Caroline Bussick to develop and pilot a holistic system for reused materials.

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